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If History Repeats, We Should See at Least a 20–30% Rise in Bitcoin (BTC) in the Coming Weeks!

Justin Bennett, a well-known crypto market analyst, and trader believe Bitcoin (BTC) will begin a…

Bitcoin Could Soar to $100,000 if more Countries Started Backing the Currency

Bitcoin soared thru much of 2021, could go much higher in 2022, and we believe…

CoinMarketCap is Accused by SHIB of Publishing Three Bogus Contract Addresses

On Twitter, the Shiba Inu (SHIB) Development team issued a notification informing users that Coinmarketcap…

NFT Games To Check Out In 2022

Crypto gaming is multiplying so fast that no one can stay on top of everything.

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What Does “100x” Mean in Crypto, and How to Calculate 100x?

100x in Crypto would mean that if you have a Coin or Token that you…